A Jewish Funeral

Jewish funerals usually take place in at graveside or in a synagogue or funeral chapel. By tradition, Jewish funerals are simple (symbolizing the belief that people are all equal in death) and burial should take place as soon as is practical or possible.

Jewish Funeral Terms

Aron (Casket) - To avoid interference with the natural process of "returning to the earth," Jewish tradition requires that the casket be made entirely of wood.

Tachrichim (Shroud and burial attire) - Jewish law prescribes burial in plain white shrouds so as to demonstrate the equality of all.

K'riah (Rending the garment or K’riah Ribbon) - Mourners for parents, a spouse, children, or siblings traditionally participate in the rite of K'riah (rending of garments) usually just prior to the funeral service.

Taharah (Ritual cleansing/Washing) – Performed by a local Chevra Kadisha, Jewish law requires that the deceased be cleansed according to prescribed ritual and purification process as an expression of respect.

Shmirah (Shomer/Guardian)- Jewish tradition requires that the deceased not be left alone prior to burial.

Shivah - Initial period of mourning – This is a seven-day period of intensive mourning observed by the immediate family of the deceased beginning on the day of the burial.

Shloshim - The first thirty days - During the thirty days following burial, after the observance of shivah, mourners return to work and activities but refrain from public entertainment or social activities

Yahrzeit - Anniversary of death - based on the death of death the Kaddish is recited each year on the Hebrew calendar anniversary of death. It is customary to light a yahrzeit (24 hour burning) candle.

Yizkor - Memorial prayers - The Yizkor is recited on Yom Kippur; Sh'mini Atzeret, the eighth day of Pesach; and the second day of Shavuot.

Unveiling – Monument – Jewish law requires that a grave marker be prepared so that the deceased will not be forgotten. It is customary for the marker or inscription of the monument to be done so an unveiling ceremony can be held at the end of the twelve month mourning period.

Tribute Videos

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