Why it is Important to Choose Jewish Funeral Home in Little Neck, NY

Is it time to coordinate end of life services for someone that you love? Or maybe you are considering preplanning options to ensure that you are prepared for the future? Funeral planning doesn’t have to be stressful when you choose a funeral director that respects your cultural needs and family preferences. For that reason, it is helpful to find a Jewish funeral home in Little Neck, NY.

At North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., we’ve been serving Jewish families in the community for many years. Our clear understanding of Jewish customs gives us the advantage of supporting your religious traditions to support the needs of your family. We understand the importance of a proper burial according to Jewish tradition. Our team is here to support anything that you need.

What You Will Receive from a Jewish Funeral Home in Little Neck, NY

These funeral services can be as modern or traditional as you desire. We are happy to create a traditional funeral service that matches all preferred customs. Or, you can create a blended funeral plan that includes modern conveniences as well as some of the most important traditions that you would like to share with the family.

Conservative or Orthodox Jewish families in the area often choose to maintain full tradition in all aspects of the funeral services. On the other hand, some Jewish decedents are in interfaith marriages, so they prefer to create a combined funeral plan that incorporates elements from both Jewish customs as well as modern practices.

Here is an overview of some of the common practices that are included with a Jewish funeral:

  • Immediate Services: Most families want to schedule the funeral and burial as soon as possible, which means that the funeral home needs to be ready to act on a moment’s notice. According to Jewish custom, this burial shouldn’t be delayed. But there are situations where families choose to wait for a day or two if loved ones will be traveling from a distance.

  • Closed Casket: Traditionally, the casket remains closed during all of the funeral events. It is not common for Jewish families to hold a viewing before the funeral services.

  • Wood Casket Materials: The casket should be created using organic materials, such as wood. These products allow a natural process to occur in the ground after burial. We have partnered with a local casket provider who offers quality wood caskets that fit Jewish customs.

  • Tahara: It is important for the body to be prepared properly before the funeral services. Tahara involves washing of the deceased before dressing the person in a traditional shroud with a simple design.

  • Sit Shiva: Will your family sit shiva after the funeral services are over? During these seven days, friends and loved ones can offer condolences through gifts that are offered on our website.

At North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., we understand the importance of creating a traditional funeral service that accommodates the customs of your family. When you choose our funeral home, you can expect the highest level of care and support from a team that respects your desires.

Affordability of Funeral Services

Whether you are planning a traditional funeral or you would like to blend the old customs with new practices, the budget is something that needs to be discussed during the planning process. How much should you expect to spend on these services? The cost varies depending on the exact services that are selected for the event.

At North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., we are a Jewish funeral home in Little Neck, NY that offers affordable solutions for the community. Our team provides low-cost solutions that honor your traditions while managing your budget at the same time. If you are interested in learning more about your options, then you are welcome to discuss pricing and service details with our team at any time.

It is important to maintain tradition, which often means that the quality of the funeral services is a priority over the cost of the event. You can rest assured knowing that we offer competitive pricing and excellent services to match the needs of your family.

Learn More about Funeral Services in the Area

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