Where to Find a Jewish Funeral Home in Merrick, NY

Are you preparing end of life services for a family member? As you are getting started with funeral planning, the most important thing that you can do is select a Jewish funeral home in Merrick, NY. You deserve to work with a team that respects your traditions and the needs of your family. At the same time, you need a funeral home staff that has experience with these details. When the funeral home is already familiar with Jewish traditions and customs, it helps to reduce the stress that your family needs to bear in the funeral planning process.

At North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., we are the leading provider for Jewish funeral services in the area. Our company has been serving local Jewish families for more than 20 years. We know that Jewish traditions can vary from modern practices. Not only do we provide the highest levels of care and respect, but we also honor your family’s requests in the smallest details.

Preparing for Jewish Funeral Services

What should be considered when you are preparing for these funeral services? It is important that you consider the Jewish traditions that have been shared through the generations of your family. Which of these practices would you like to include in the upcoming funeral services? Do you prefer to design a service that follows all customs and traditions? Or are you looking for a blend of both modern and conservative funeral practices?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. If your family chooses an Orthodox or conservative approach with religious and family customs, then our team is here to assist with a traditional Jewish service. On the other hand, we can also support your needs if you would like to add any modern or unique features for the funeral services.

The best way to prepare for upcoming services is to schedule a time to talk to our team. We will ask questions to understand your needs and preferences. Our goal is to identify the right structure for the services based on the desires of your family. Then, we’ll work hard to ensure that everything matches your plan.

Traditional Services from a Jewish Funeral Home in Merrick, NY

As you learn more about our company, North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., you will see that we are ready and able to support all Jewish funeral customs. These are some of the details that might be discussed for your funeral plans:

  • Prompt Burial: Many families believe that there shouldn’t be a delay with the funeral services and burial timeline. We have all of the facilities and support systems to honor your desires for prompt burial. Our team is on call at all times to ensure that services are available as soon as possible. We also respect the desires of some families to wait a short time so that loved ones can travel for funeral services.

  • Tahara: The process of washing and preparing the body for burial should be completed according to Jewish traditions. This ritual includes a cleansing of the body, followed by dressing the person in a plain burial shroud.

  • Casket: Jewish tradition encourages families to choose caskets constructed of natural materials. We offer wood caskets to ensure that burial matches Jewish customs. Also, it is common for families to choose closed-casket services.

  • Program Details: The most common approach with a Jewish funeral is to design a simple, basic funeral program. You are welcome to choose the style of funeral service that matches the desires of your family.

The benefit of choosing our team at North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. is that we honor all of your requests for funeral customizations as desired. If you are looking for the services of a Jewish funeral home in Merrick, NY, then we encourage you to contact our team for information about the ways that we can support your needs.

Preparing for the Future

Because Jewish funerals are usually fast and simple, it can be helpful to coordinate these details in advance. Even though you don’t anticipate funeral services for a while, you can talk to our team about your preferences for the future. These preparations ensure that everything is designed to match the customs of your family when it is time to move forward with the funeral services. We will hold this information on file so that it is ready at the appropriate time.

What do you need to know about our Jewish funeral home in Merrick, NY? As you are preparing for upcoming services, North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. is here to help. Visit our funeral home to view the facilities that are available: 75 Mineola Ave, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577. Call at your convenience for more information: (516) 621-8832