Choosing a Jewish Funeral Home in Port Washington, NY

Does it matter if you choose a traditional Jewish funeral home in Port Washington, NY? Some families mistakenly think that all funeral services are alike, but the truth is that the experience will vary depending on the funeral home that you select. Working with a general funeral provider might be fine for some aspects of funeral planning. On the other hand, families often find that their stress goes up when the funeral home doesn’t understand Jewish customs and traditions for burial.

If you want to simplify the funeral planning process and work with a team that understands your customs, then North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. is the funeral home to call. Our staff has been serving the Jewish families in our community for over 20 years. This hands-on experience gives us clarity about the right systems and processes that will support the needs of your family.

Why a Jewish Funeral Home in Port Washington, NY?

What are your requests for funeral services? It is common to think about religious traditions as well as the desires and customs of your family. We can accommodate services that include all Jewish customs if the family practices an Orthodox or conservative view of the religion. We can also support your desires for a modern, blended funeral service if needed. At North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., we believe that our job is to respect your wishes and create the best funeral services based on the unique funeral plan that is designed.

One of the benefits of choosing our team is that we are already familiar with common practices for Jewish funeral services. So, there is no need to walk our staff through the smallest details regarding traditional practices and rituals. We have hands-on experience with these things, making it easy for you to have the peace of mind in knowing that everything will match Jewish traditions. Jewish services commonly include:

  • Casket: Many families believe that funeral services should be held with a closed casket. Additionally, it is important to select a casket that is constructed out of all wood. These organic materials offer a natural option for burial.

  • Timing: One of the most important aspects of Jewish funeral services is the prompt timing of both the services and burial. According to Jewish tradition, the family should prepare the deceased for burial as soon as possible. Even though custom dictates immediate burial, sometimes families choose to delay a short time to allow loved ones to travel for the services.

  • Tahara: A special process is done before burial to prepare the body for placement in the casket. During this ritual, the body is washed and then placed in a shroud with a simple design.

  • Sit Shiva: Will you choose to sit shiva after the services are finished? Families often follow this practice for seven days after the funeral. Our funeral home offers simple solutions for friends and family who would like to offer their condolences in gifts through our website.

Keep in mind that you can choose the level of tradition to include in these funeral services. Whether you want to design a service that includes all traditional services, or you are looking for a modern service with a few customs blended in, we are here to help.

Preplanning to Reduce Stress in the Future

When funeral and burial services are scheduled so soon after death, it can create a stressful time for the family in working through the details that need to be addressed. The most effective thing that you can do to reduce your stress is to talk to us about preplanning options. First, you choose a Jewish funeral home in Port Washington, NY. Then, schedule a consultation at your convenience.

You’ll find that we provide all the services and options to accommodate your needs for Jewish customs. Together, we will create the funeral plan that is a good fit for the needs of your loved ones. This information will be kept on file so that we are ready when it is time for the funeral to be scheduled.

One of the reasons you should consider the services offered by North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. is that we maintain affordable pricing and quality services. Our team is here to provide the support and care that you need during all stages of funeral planning.

If you are ready for the services of Jewish funeral home in Port Washington, NY, then it is time to contact us for more information. North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. understands the Jewish customs and traditions, and we are here to help with anything that you need. Visit our local funeral home at 75 Mineola Ave, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577. Call at your convenience to learn more: (516) 621-8832