Caring Services Offered by a Jewish Funeral Home in Roslyn Heights, NY

When you are designing funeral services, it can be a challenge to respect the traditions of your family while honoring the life of your loved one. It is essential that you choose a Jewish funeral home in Roslyn Heights, NY instead of a general provider in the industry. When the funeral home staff understands the traditions of the Jewish culture, then it is easy to integrate some of these essential practices and rituals in the services.

Whether you want to maintain tradition with a full Jewish funeral or you are looking for a custom service that balances the old and new practices, we are here to assist. North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. has been supporting Jewish families in the community for more than twenty years. Not only are we here to provide the care and support needed for your family, but we also have in-depth knowledge about some of the most common Jewish customs for burial.

Customs for Jewish Funeral Services

Which customs are important to your family for these funeral services? Some families practice an Orthodox approach in the religion, and they desire a strict adherence to traditions and rituals. On the other hand, the person may have been in an interfaith marriage, making it appropriate to blend a few Jewish customs with modern-day services. It’s up to your family to choose the right details for this event.

As you are evaluating your options, our team at North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. will walk you through all available services. Common topics in this conversation might include:

  • Burial Timing: Jewish law and custom encourage families to schedule the burial as soon as possible. The desire is to finish the burial within 24 hours after death occurs. We can accommodate your schedule for this fast timeframe. Or, you might choose to wait a little longer if loved ones are traveling to the area to attend the services. We have the facilities and services to ensure that these arrangements are completed as soon as possible.

  • Location of Funeral Services: Where would you like to gather with friends and family for the funeral services? Our funeral home is an appropriate location, or you might coordinate with the Rabbi to hold the services at a Synagogue if desired. Another option is to hold these funeral services at the graveside before burial.

  • Preparing the Body: Certain traditions should be considered when preparing the body for burial. For example, the family will often meet with the Rabbi to coordinate the details of the service. Additionally, the body is washed and dressed in a traditional burial shroud. Maintaining the same burial clothing for all people symbolizes the equality of all people in death.

  • Sit Shiva: Will your family sit shiva when the funeral is over? This seven-day period is a time of grieving and respect. Friends and family can pay their condolences through gifts, which can be ordered through our website if desired.

At North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc., our goal is to accommodate your family in the exact traditions and customs that are important for your desires. Each family has differences in their preferences, which is why we focus on a custom approach for every service.

Reputable Jewish Funeral Home in Roslyn Heights, NY

You are welcome to learn more about the services offered by our team at North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. Our company specializes in funeral services designed to support the Jewish community. As we’ve served Jewish families over the years, we’ve come to understand the unique customs and traditions that are essential in the funeral services.

We’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation as a leading Jewish funeral home in Roslyn Heights, NY. If you have questions or need support with implementing tradition in funeral services, then our team is here to assist. We offer a caring staff and supportive environment where you are given the flexibility in designing funeral services based on the desires of your family.

There’s no question that it will be an easier experience when choosing a funeral director that has a thorough understanding of Jewish traditions. You can expect respect and honor every step of the way from a team that truly cares about the needs of your family. We know that it is important to maintain both religious and family traditions.

If you want to choose a Jewish funeral home in Roslyn Heights, NY, then it is time to talk to our team for more information. North Shore Memorial Chapel & Graveside Service, Inc. specializes in these funeral services, ensuring that your family cultures and traditions are respected in all aspects of the services. You can visit our funeral home, located at 75 Mineola Ave, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577. Call when it is time to schedule funeral services: (516) 621-8832